Tankless Water Heater North Miami Beach

Posted on: June 29, 2015 by in Tankless Water Heater
Tankless Water Heater North Miami Beach


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  1. smokedogg4201 says:


  2. smokedogg4201 says:

    no prob… glad i can help

  3. anakina1 says:

    So are yo saving any money with the new system? How long did it take to
    install? Which one did you get as far as model number? It looks great.

  4. smokedogg4201 says:

    220 unit 🙂

  5. smokedogg4201 says:

    sorry about the time on getting back to you…i`m savng money with the unit
    when the girls don`t say in the shower for hours becouse the hot water
    don`t run out ..lol…..but if you put one in your home as long as you
    don`t have the hot water on. the only power from the unit is a LED light
    ..not like a tank heater that heats water all day…the titan scr2 220 volt
    unit took me one night to put in and i took my time doing it….thanks for

  6. smokedogg4201 says:

    i`ed get a 220 volt pullout..make sure you have 6 gage wire and a 60 amp
    braker…is the braker kicking off or the unit?if the unit is going off
    test the wire with a test light to see if it is 220 volts of power..if the
    wire is 220 volts on a test light the unit is bad..if the wire is not 220
    volts its in your wire and or breaker..hope that helps

  7. smokedogg4201 says:

    august 10 2009 STILL WORKING GREAT!!!

  8. smokedogg4201 says:

    thanks !! you can do it 🙂

  9. BigCat Fernandez says:

    I just replaced my water heater with n SCR2 Titan Tanless water heater but
    mine is the model N64 and the wire is not #6 but #10 which is easier to
    work with and the breaker is a 30 not a 60. I am super Happy and I can
    honestly say that you doing yours and psting it here gave me the courage to
    do mine…… Thank You :^)

  10. Spence says:

    Well done.

  11. smokedogg4201 says:

    no prob glad i could help : ^ )

  12. smokedogg4201 says:


  13. smokedogg4201 says:

    December 21 2009 still working great!!

  14. smokedogg4201 says:

    about $300

  15. smokedogg4201 says:

    yes if i don`t use it alot

  16. David Ogawa says:

    The ground wires and neutral wires were shared under the screw posts; Bad!
    You segregated them; Excellent! The only reason it is OK to put ground
    wires and neutral wires on the same bus bar is because this is a service
    entrance. (Never do so on feeder, branch or sub panels.) The only things
    omitted seem to be references to the required equipment grounding
    conductors in the non-fusible pull-out; and the lack of cable clamps on the
    same box.

  17. Corey497 says:

    60amp?? HOLY SHIT! my main is 100amp…

  18. andy gar says:

    you are a good plumber , electric needs improvement, you cannot have the
    black wire exposed like that ,you need to put it inside pvc pipe or
    something only for the exposed parts.very good everithing else.

  19. Marko Markich says:

    Nice work but as an electrician I have to comment on the fact that you
    didn’t secure the wires with a a wire connection to secure it to the box
    and you didn’t secure the wires but rather let them just hang loose. It
    would never pass an electricial inspection. As far as your ground and
    nuteral wires, they look good but there is probably a reason why the person
    who wired the place had them side by side. Still a nice job. Secure the
    wire in the box and on the outside.

  20. Taxminia0311 says:

    Did u get a permit and you do know that when you sell the house your gonna
    have to papers proving that the tankless water heater was installed with a
    permit and a license electrician….no no no papers papers.but otherwise
    good work

  21. Revelry0402 says:

    The breaker u showed is a 40 amp breaker? Not 60?