Tankless Water Heater Ocala

Posted on: June 29, 2015 by in Tankless Water Heater
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Tankless Water Heater Ocala

Local Ocala Florida Plumbing Company http://www.hefnerplumbing.com develops the GreenLeaf HP 500™ as an Amazing new technology for heating your water!

Save up to 80% On Your Electric Water Heater Bills With The Help Of GreenLeaf Technologies.

This is the Most Advanced Energy-Saving and Money-Saving Water Heater On The Market Today!

GreenLeaf Technologies Corporation, a pioneer in heated water transfer and storage through heat pump technology, introduces The GreenLeaf HP 500™ Water Heater, which is a significant national asset, with a massive pay-back potential from the investment. The most energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly water heater heat pump ever-enhancing customers’ savings and lifestyle.

The GreenLeaf HP 500™ goes directly to the Head of the Class! The HP 500™ series is a high-efficiency heat pump water heater, which can connect to an existing electric, gas, oil, or propane water heater tank in your home or your business. The GreenLeaf HP 500™ makes the use of ambient air and humidity in a garage, basement or utility room to heat the water, while cooling and making the room that it’s in feel comfortable.

Most home water heaters that are manufactured today are only 60% to 95% efficient. The GreenLeaf HP 500™ is 370% efficient. What this means for you is that for every 1 kW or BTU of energy required to operate the HP 500™, an amazing 3.7 kW or BTU’s of energy is released directly into your heated water storage tank.

Because The HP 500™ uses surrounding air so efficiently, energy costs are proportionally reduced, meaning fewer greenhouse gas emissions and a smaller overall carbon footprint, therefore a safer, healthier environment.

We could save 19,600,000,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, and 140 other greenhouse noxious gases, if we were to replace all existing water heaters with a GreenLeaf 500™ water heater. This would be like taking 1,600,000 cars off the road. It is the most intelligent way to heat your hot water for all your domestic needs. This is going beyond green! There is also a by-product of the HP 500™ water heater, in that the area of the room is cooled and dehumidified, reducing heat for mold and mildew growth. The HP 500™ qualifies for a Federal 30% Tax Credit for Renewable Energy Equipment Installed, up to 00. Additional local governmental and utility incentives are also available.

The reliability and short pay-back makes the GreenLeaf HP500™, ‘The Intelligent Choice’ compared to solar water heating systems. Also the cost of the HP 500™ is at least half of the operation and acquisition cost of an Instant Tank-Less water heater. This GreenLeaf water heater is the most flexible, and the most energy-efficient way to heat water on the market today!

GreenLeaf’s Features of Intelligence:
Up to 400% efficient
Safe and reliable, insures hot water, continually
Available for any size, residential tank or commercial tank
Virtually maintenance free
10-year limited warranty
Fast recovery for first hour water availability
Meets local and national codes
Cools and dehumidifiers surrounding areas
Uses only 6 to 8 amps