Tankless Water Heater Seminole

Posted on: June 29, 2015 by in Tankless Water Heater
Tankless Water Heater Seminole

We’ve all seen them on Craigslist, now let’s see what is inside! Taking apart a hot water heater we find some brass, copper, and aluminum, and a smidge of silver! Not to mention a few bucks in steel. Make some easy money with this quick 5 minute scrap!
Already got negative feedback within 20 minutes of posting. Sorry I did not crack it all the way open, Please follow this link to see whats inside: http://www.popularmechanics.com/home/improvement/interior/1275141
Turns out I did not miss anything, just two dip rods, and the heat element. The drain cock on this wasplastic, some are brass.

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  1. Moose Scrapper says:
  2. Benjamin Armstrong says:

    I wanted to ask about the heating element. Do you know what it is and what
    its value might be.

  3. Benjamin Armstrong says:

    Well I just found this ” The heating elements in an electric hot water
    heater are typically made from a stainless steel or zinc plated copper
    sheath that surrounds a wire made from nichrome.”

    I am thinking that however separating the metals may not be worth it,
    because the element would have to have ceramic in it like you said.

  4. jesus jones says:

    Good idea, but its minus a billion over here and there no way im doing this
    ill take the shred steel price thank you very much

  5. Jason DavenPort says:

    I’m trying to find some info on scrapping a tankless gas hot water heater.
    Are they worth scrapping?

  6. Ch33no says:

    About what did you get for everything? Seen one on craigs, trying to see if
    it’s worth the gas?

  7. dedadedadeda1 says:

    suggestion…..summarize at the end of video of all metals recovered and
    weight there of

  8. MusicFan32081 says:

    How much money do u typically get from a hot water heater?

  9. MusicFan32081 says:

    Got it $12

  10. Josh Gonsal says:

    Hey man I really appreciate that your making these videos… very helpful!
    The only thing I would suggest is if you know how much each thing is worth
    maybe mention it. Thanks again.

  11. Vigilante Man says:

    I can’t figure out how to take apart the relief valve?

  12. Isaiah Maraman says:

    Thanks for the help, now i know what to look for. Subscribed. 

  13. was says:

    did it have an element or did i miss that?

  14. Shams Ahsan says:

    Subscribed – very interesting.

  15. Tony Ortiz says:

    Thanks for your videos. I’m a maintenance guy and thanks to you i start to
    scrap and getting a very good extra money. Thanks again man. I’m Tony from
    Dallas Tx

  16. Tobias Åkerblom says:

    in some of the heaters its copper inside, you must cut it open to see if
    there is any.

  17. sailingsolar says:

    Hello moose, I’d like to know under what category you see these all the
    time on craigslist? I tried randomly to look some up and couldn’t find any.

    He’s a tip for you.
    The ONLY reason to “scrap” a how water is if the steel tank itself has
    rusted out and it ‘s leaking. As long as the tank is intact and the outer
    skin is not all rusted and ugly they all can be repaired for under $20.00.

    They are nothing but a steel tank, Pressure relief valve, 1 or
    2 thermostat/s and 1 or 2 electric elements. When they stop working most
    often it’s just one or two part/s. New ones go for $200 and up. There is
    way better money repairing the ones that have good tanks and reselling them
    for $100. or $125 depending what their equivalent sells for new. Resell
    the delivered and charge extra to install $50/$75. All you need is an ohm
    meter. and hand tools. Easy money. Cheers

  18. Christopher Gonzalez says:

    with some of those brass fittings its not exactly brass but something
    called composition witch is made up of copper brass lead zink witch pays a
    little bit more then brass alot of people dont know about that so they sell
    it for brass at my junkyard its like a 30cent difference about $2 and pound
    if your take a fitting and a brass pipe and really look at the colors the
    fitting has almost like a dull copper look to it..you got any questions
    about any material to make sure your getting paid for what u bring let me
    know Moose Scrapper 

  19. Google Plus Blows Chunks says:

    My local scrap yard in Ashland, VA (located via the IScrap app, thank you
    very much) pays 7 cents a pound for water heaters. That’s about $3.50 for
    a 50 pound water heater. Maybe grab the brass piece off the top and then
    turn it in. I don’t know. It seems like a beast to haul around for that
    amount of money. In any case, thanks for the great information, Moose.

  20. Djamael Thomas says:

    isn’t the inside were the water is stored a big copper tub?

  21. Jay Stevens says:

    the 2 access panels are for setting the water temperature. Should be able
    to take those out.

  22. Jay Stevens says:

    have you done a business photo/copier/fax?

  23. Lyle Serack says:

    i’ve been scrapping a bunch of electric hot water heaters and i’ve been
    finding two silver contacts in every thermostat

  24. Dominic Leduc says:

    I see metal scrappers driving around with their pick up trip looking for
    water heaters a lot…. why is it? I dumped mine this afternoon and within
    5 minutes, a pick up drove buy and took it like it was a gold nugget. What
    is worth to them really?

  25. hillclimber440 says: