Tankless Water Heater Starke

Posted on: June 29, 2015 by in Tankless Water Heater
Tankless Water Heater Starke

A DIY hot water shower made using a 2.5 gallon container and a 1000 watt immersion heater.

After years of cold showers, I finally decided to look into getting a power shower heater installed. Since I’m renting and a new 30 amp fuse and line would need to be installed, I decided against getting a regular power shower installed.

Instead, I bought a 1000 watt fully submersible immersion heater that can happily run on a 10amp circuit, although they still recommend a 30 amp circuit.

I didn’t want to keep unplugging the immersion heater and a switch isn’t suitable since it only breaks one pole. So for safety and convenience I installed an omni mini safety breaker.

It takes 4 minutes to get the water to a very hot temperature that is perfect for showering. You should not touch the water while it’s heating because you’ll experience an electric shock. In my experience it’s just a tingle, but for safety reasons you should not touch the water while power is going to the heater.

This provides me with a 2.5 minute shower which may not sound long but is actually a pretty reasonable shower time. I just stop the flow of water when applying shampoo and conditioner.

I bought the 1000 watt immersion heater from Ace Hardware in Metro Manila, Philippines for 400 PHP. They also have another type of water heater which is 1000 watts but not fully submersible, that one is a little cheaper. CDRKING sell small water heating elements for 200 PHP but I assume the wattage is lower and would therefore take longer to heat the water.

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5 Responses

  1. Ramon dlc says:

    good day sir, I really like your videos, can you do a tutorial of this…
    http://youtu.be/NWpAlxuG3_g hope you have time, thanks

  2. Marc Nicholas says:

    Hopefully that’s an RCD that’s protecting the circuit and not just a

  3. sp says:

    In which country they rent a flat without hot water?

  4. gamerpaddy says:

    Even the stuff i see in russian videos are more safe. 

  5. Tariq Curtis says:

    where did you get the heater part from ?.
    I have a portable out door gas shower setup that I setup my self.

    But like your Idear too as you cant use gas in inclosed areas.