Tankless Water Heater Titusville

Posted on: June 29, 2015 by in Tankless Water Heater
Tankless Water Heater Titusville

Here you go,a shot of the packer taking care of a water heater.

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  1. brad202684 says:

    Man, if you were doing this here in California, your ass would be fired
    lol! Washing machines, water heaters…all that is banned from regular
    trash pickup, anything and everything that you can think of needs to be
    recycled. They passes a law that at least 50% of waste needs to be diverted
    from landfills, like greenwaste, and especially appliances lol.

  2. macdonaldjohnstonfan says:

    Fantastic!! Looked like you were struggling a bit to get it in, but once
    you got it in the truck, it was history! I noticed that your truck has a
    deeper hopper than the Amreps, in the other vids that you have got of the
    packer, yours seems to clear the hopper better than the Amreps! Keep up the
    good work!

  3. trashratt says:

    You da man! Good job, great video. Them side packers take everything…if
    you know how to load them!

  4. POLIT1963 says:

    Nice job agian. I never worked with a sideloader. I always worked with
    rearloaders. They eat everything. Looks like the same for your truck. I’m

  5. REWYRED says:

    I now have a new found respect for the sideloader truck. They still may not
    be a s quick and efficient as a rear loader BUT they WILL handle whats
    thrown at or shall I say in them!

  6. WasteCnxsideloader says:

    You are from England,Correct? No offense man but Im glad I dont have to
    work with all the silly rules that you guys have.Safety is always the first
    priority in this job,I live by that.I violated no rules.I can assure you
    that im a professional and I know what im doing.

  7. N.E.Arkansas Trash Trucks&Lottery says:

    Dern what a waste tin and iron and steel is $4.00 per 100LBS that water
    heater must have weighted close or more than 100lbs.Howmuch weight in old
    appliances do you think you pickup in a day??Thanks nice video

  8. explosives101 says:

    awesome video. So there’s two rams and each has it’s own control?

  9. Shane1163 says:

    ahh… there’s that hot water heater getting crushed.. but I still say it
    should have been sent to an appliance recycler for recycling!

  10. WasteCnxsideloader says:

    Yes,it is offered,but people in this city apparently need a kick in the ass
    because participation in recycling programs is rather poor.

  11. 07psdrookie says:

    Same here in Washington state. My truck is usually full of 90+ percent

  12. veronicafanDA says:

    Whoa! Nothing Crushes like a McNeilus, except for a Heil! 🙂

  13. Austin Gratzer says:

    Just a question, do you need a CDL to drive a garbage truck?

  14. Thomas Ceskutti says:

    Thanks for this Video.

  15. Andrew Cole says:

    you have to much fun

  16. kitdusty says:

    I am a bit sorry a bout what I said it was rong of me to say that it should
    of been scraped but that is all I had to say when I commented I had only
    been on youtube for a week. PS and yes it did take three months to think of

  17. George Gonzalez says:

    You did a Great Job Taking the Garbage out

  18. bitterman112 says:

    Great destructive technique on what MSLs can do to bulky objects!! BYE BYE

  19. Dave Miller says:

    Note to self: do not fall into that truck :/

  20. Banditchappi says:

    “Taking care”… *MUUUAAAAHAHAHAHAHA* Very good vid

  21. zackis480 says:

    hay “WasteCnxsideloader 3” how long have you been doing this? and how did
    you get into something like this? You make it so fun to do, bad ass vids

  22. reggie killion says:

    @GayBoyRunning i meant hi or something

  23. acompanyofwolves says:

    That water heater didn’t stand a chance!!! nice!

  24. The Nation says:

    The copper cylinder inside that outer sleeve was worth abbot £25 ! or $37 us

  25. david brunner Trash Trucks and Lawn Care says:

    doesn’t this city have a appliance/ harzdous waste pick up