Tankless Water Heater Virginia Gardens

Posted on: June 29, 2015 by in Tankless Water Heater
Tankless Water Heater Virginia Gardens

This Is A Video Of My New OFF GRID ECO TEMP L5 ON DEMAND HOT WATER Heater You can Use The On Demand Hot Water Heater Any Where Thanks For Watching Great For Power Outages Natural Disasters Camping Or On The Beach Ya’ll Have A Great One ! Thanks For Watching Kenny

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  1. TheBillytheJack2010 says:

    Really nice and dependable, where was your purshase? Really good to see a
    vid from you_Billy

  2. TheKilog69 says:

    That,s very cool i think i have seen them for RVs i have never seen it work
    before nice job.Hope u get a check for Sales pitch..

  3. KVUSMC / Kenneth W Viar Jr says:

    Yeah Man They Are Sweet Buddy Yeap I hope so Too Thanks

  4. KVUSMC / Kenneth W Viar Jr says:

    I Got It From The Sportsman Guide Billy Also Bass Pro Carries Them To 20
    Hrs On A 20 LB Bottle Of Propane You could Also Hook It Up To Your House
    Hot water For Back UP Billy Iam Going To do That Bro

  5. shartne says:

    this would be good for those guys living off the grid.

  6. KVUSMC / Kenneth W Viar Jr says:

    Yes It Would Be Instead Of Tap water You Could Use Water From A Rain Barrel
    Or Well With A Surflo Pump 12 Volt

  7. Eddie S says:

    hey Kenny thanks for the info on the hotwater heater, it,s a must have ,
    nothing like a hot shower, stay cool my friend, and the hail storm was cool
    the outher day, i got it about a hour befor you did,

  8. jwright650 says:

    another must have for my camper….the hot water heater that came in the
    camper runs all of the time, so this thing could make a tank of gas last
    alot longer by only running the burner when it needs it istead of all of
    the time. I saw this in a couple of vids by people with offgrid cabins.
    Neat water heater Kenny, thanks for the vid.

  9. KVUSMC / Kenneth W Viar Jr says:

    Thanks Buddy I appreciate It It Is Nice

  10. sunsensational says:

    Awesome. I’d pay $120 all day for that. Thanks again for showing off
    another little gem

  11. GoodChiii says:

    i love mine, i feed all my house with mine, a little biger model but it
    great, i like that good vid late.r

  12. KVUSMC / Kenneth W Viar Jr says:

    Its Great Buddy They Are Really Nice Units Iam Hooking Mine up To My 120
    Gallon Propane Tank Bro Thanks for the Compliment

  13. Patrice Lopatin says:

    how do you flush the L5 from hard water deposits? I asked the company and
    they do not know!

  14. KVUSMC / Kenneth W Viar Jr says:

    I would Use A Filter And Use Vinegar To Flush It Out Buddy

  15. Eccotemp says:


    One of our customers showing how the L5 works! Thanks kvusmc!

  16. Sheri8707 says:

    Would this work without running water? my parents haul water but just scoop
    it out of the tank and heat it on a wood stove. Hoping I could find
    something to make life a little easier as a gift

  17. ArkansasHillbillyHS says:

    What brand or where did you purchase your quick disconnect hose fittings?

  18. Greg Thompson says:

    Great stuff man!!! I’m trying to get a hot water shower for the inside of
    my stealth campervan. How do you think this would manage for that?

  19. Eugene Shay says:

    I am compare Eccotemp L-5 Portable Tankless Water Heater or Camp Chef
    Triton Hot Water Heater – 5L, both are about same price around $115. After
    about a year using it, how is your water heater holding up? Any problems?
    Appreciate it for the feedback. 

  20. agung wicaksono says:

    Rain Man L6 Tankless Water Heater and Outdoor Shower – LPG Liquid Propane –
    2.0 GPM – Digital Temperature

    Exceptional Value!! I’ve bought 4 Ran Man Tankless Water Heaters. Never a
    cold shower again for me, my dog or my horse.


    #waterheater #outdor #shower #rainman #tanklesswaterheaters #

  21. Noble Nomad says:

    How tall is this unit? Both with and without the top cover?

  22. ramblinman says:

    How much water pressure do you need for the heat to kick on? What I trying
    to figure out is if I mount the water tank to the roof rack of my modded FJ
    will it cut on when I turn the water flow on. Thanks

  23. Tim Kepler says:

    If you or any of your viewers are curious about the inners of this unit i
    take one apart in my video here

    Thanks and happy homesteading :D

  24. MrKalon52 says:

    Would be awesome for a deer lease. 

  25. Joshua Brown says:

    Does the cold weather affect the internals of heater …..like the internal
    water lines busting from freezing? Thanks man