Tankless Water Heater Wilton Manors

Posted on: June 29, 2015 by in Tankless Water Heater
Tankless Water Heater Wilton Manors

Water Heater Explosion

4 Responses

  1. Philip Gray says:

    Holy cow! I had no idea a water heater could build up so much pressure.

  2. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing AZ says:

    It sure can! That is why it is important to NOT try to install, repair or
    tamper with water heaters. Make sure you leave that dirty job for a
    licensed plumbing contractor.

  3. Drunkenfun1 says:

    Plumbing contractors are not the only ones who can install water heaters. A
    HVAC tech can do it as well. If not better than a plumber.

  4. CovahYdoolB Dumpy says:

    Just had Water heater replaced today but the main cause of an explosion
    like this is not because your water heater is old its because some DUMBASS
    put a plug on the dripping PRV Pressure Release Valve that would have saved
    this home.