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Water Lines Locating Bay Harbor Islands
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Over the last three weeks the Swan River Trust (SWT) and the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) asked members of the public to keep a look out for a baby dolphin named Gizmo, who was seen entangled in fishing line.

Last week Senior Constable Bruce Rodgers of Water Police spotted a pod of dolphins swimming in the river. He was standing on the wharf when Gizmo swam under it, dragging a fishing line which was tangled around his dorsal fin as well as part of a rope and a mass of seaweed.

Senior Constable Rodgers and two water police divers quickly went out in a rigid inflatable boat to locate Gizmo. When they reached the Rocky Bay East Fremantle area the water police divers went into the water but were unable to catch Gizmo.

They followed Gizmo and his mother along the river to about 100 metres off shore from the Swan Yacht Club. The divers entered the water in front of the dolphins.

Gizmo and his mother Tupac dived under the officers. Constable Brody Baker managed to grab Gizmo and bring him to the surface where Senior Constable Glenn Bott helped cut Gizmo free from the fishing line and rope.

During the rescue, Tupac tried on three occasions to grab Gizmo by the tail and pull him back out of the diver’s hands. Tupac calmed down realising the divers were helping Gizmo and the officers managed to swim with him to waist deep water.

A short time later a DEC officer assisted police with getting Gizmo in a stretcher which enabled Perth Zoo veterinarians to treat his injuries.

Once his injuries were treated, Gizmo was released into his mum’s care.

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Call Us Today: 727-228-3350
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