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This chapter offers an insight to some expeditions made by people in search of Atlantis or any possible lost civilisation.

Atlantis’ mystery didn’t give birth only to theoretical discussions and books but it even inspired several archaeological expeditions around the world. The lost realm wasn’t obviously found but some expeditions revealed interesting implications on our prehistory and suggest that mankind civilization’s dawn, thanks more or less to Atlantis, rose up much time before we can think.

Archaeological digs are always a hard job which involve different problems: political, lack of funds, logistic and so on. In the first case are very famous the rows between Zhai Hawass, supervisor and main chief of the archaeologists in Giza, and some dudes like Graham Hancock, John West and Robert Scoch. The last ones argue, reasonably enough, the unlikely Egyptian paternity of the place while Hawass forbids them some more physical research and defend the place claiming it’s really work of the well known Egyptians.

It’s very difficult finding a large amount of funds for doing excavations, especially for Atlantis. Who does want to risk many money for something that could be no more than a myth?

Then digging is slow and hard. Think to the Bolivian Altiplano, which his desert and poor of resources. How can archaeologists live there without the correct technological support?

Finding the X where we can dig isn’t so easy and can take to many mistakes before locating the right cross: that would mean a waste of time, money and resources for everyone. Then, if Atlantis really sunk, like many people believe, it’s much better throwing the shovel away because submarine digs are too complex: underwater you have limited movement, light and permanency time. In this case we’re lucky when we’re in shallow waters were solar light is still efficient. Anyway in these places we found some surprises and we are going to speak about them right now.

Expeditions in the Caribbean sea. In 1968 the findings of the naturalist J. Manson Valentine near Bimini caused sensation. At about thirty meters underwater some formations shaped like walls and roads were located. Local authorities sonly invited researchers, naturalists and archaeologists to visit the sit and to search for some more. The early opinion of some orthodox scientists pointed out they were work of nature, thus giving these clues:

1) The road — like formations followed the same way of the closest coasts.

2) In the coasts there were rocky layers which were eroded by weaves along straight lines and so gave the impression to be an artificial covering. So it was possible that the underwater formation were older coastlines when water level was lower.

Meanwhile the list of possible underwater archaeological sites grew bigger and the same happened for sights from aeroplane, since the shallow and clean waters revealed some regular shapes of the local vegetation, which seemed to follow a kind of building where it grew.

The deepest studies in the site were made during ’70s by David Zink (1), English teacher at Lamar University in Texas. In his immersions between 1974 and 1979 he extracted out some blocks (2) from the submarine roads and also drew a detailed map of the place. The first amazing fact was that some roads didn’t follow the relative coasts but had their own way. The regular blocks then couldn’t be compared to the straight superficial erosion of the coasts. They were effectively worked blocks! In the main site, the one found in 1968, there was a 90 degrees bend which gave the shape of J to a road.

C14 dated back to 6,000 years ago the blocks through a measure on the roots of mangrove which grew over. Though Zink’s work is the most valuable and complete it was snubbed because in his book, “The stones of Atlantis” , he didn’t conclude it was just work of mankind but even extraterrestrial. Actually, regarding these sites, people talk about “Scott Stones” and some believe they are the ruins of Atlantis and that there are many secret clues about that. These submarine roads have been publicized even by the recent theories on Cuba and by hypothetical findings of regular buildings 2,000 meters under the ocean level (they speak about a city). Anyway news or photos more truthful and important than Zink’s ones were never shown. There are just many words on internet pages. There are many voices about the water of Bahamas. Divers, aeroplane drivers, suns claim they saw temples, walls, columns and many other architectonical structures, then forgotten. Many words, few facts, maybe because underwater researches are difficult and so for locating the same place twice.

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