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Asallamu Alaikum-I am seeking support from the greater muslim community to get a masjid built in Palm Springs that would be of great benefit for the muslim community & be symbolic of world peace. It would be Palm Springs very first masjid. I first thought of this idea over seven years ago knowing that muslims in the area had no place for worship in Palm Springs. This is the first in a series of videos to help promote the project and insha’allah to get supporters to bring this dream into reality. I have spent 100s of hours developing the plans and design:

The idea came to me when I was approached by our iranian neighbors, though non-practicing muslims, however they told me it would be nice if Palm Springs had a masjid. They asked me if I could design one since I had artistic skills. I said I would but told them I had no architectural design schooling. Shortly after I finished the initial design they left the neighborhood and moved out of town. I continued to develop the design phase of the project. I knew immediately what it should look like in my imagination and drew it on paper with a bic ball point pen in just a matter of hours after locating the ideal land on Aveneda Caballeros and Baristo which was an area where places of worship where already built. It was an area too where it would be easy for people to get to central located in Palm Springs.

Though these plans are not professional, they are highly developed and concise as to the masjid and the islamic learning center, parking and grounds. To further develop the project would require a team of professionals that would included a licensed architect, engineer and so on.

The project also requires this land to be purchased or leased that I selected as a potential location which is about 6-7 acres.

The masjid would house about 500 worshipers during the weekly noon jummah Friday prayers and be open for anyone who wants to perform salat during the any of the five times a day they choose. There is a separate brothers and sisters main prayer halls separated by a screen for privacy. It’s unique feature is the Dome Walkway overlooking the brothers’ main prayer hall giving a 360 degree view of the spectacular mountain views that surround the narrow desert valley where people can sit and relax on the ottoman cushions and read the quran or just rest and relax. A line of chairs would be for handicapped brother and sisters in both prayers halls with extra chairs available.

The minarets are architectural however they broadcast the adan five times a day on the radio as to not disturb the neighbors.

The islamic learning center is a two story complex in which 2/3rds is housed below grade. This includes eight class rooms separated by sliding partition for larger lecture hall use. This could service about 150 students and has a principle’s office.

The below grade level includes two spacious wash rooms each one for the brothers and for the sisters featuring eight bathroom stalls and eight wudu stations.

Access is wheel chair accessible from all sides of the masjid below and top with two lifts in two of the minarets to access all three levels and spiral stair case in each of the two other minarets.

With plenty of parking accessible from both Aveneda Caballeros and Baristo going to the masjid is a breeze. The interior access surrounds the masjid from the east and north sides.

The design of the masjid is based on timeless traditional Moghul architecture in desert tones yet modern in concept.
The grounds are desert landscaping with two fountains and numerous date and washingtonia palms. The fountain between the islamic learning center and the masjid would also function as an outdoor wudu station with clean purified water.

There is also a visitors center for interfaith and to help non-muslims have a better understanding of islam who wish to stop by.

Right now there is a muslim population in Palm Springs however there is no easily accessible masjid unless they live near the Salton Sea. I believe a masjid would be of great benefit to the muslim community and potential development to help muslim businesses thrive in the valley.
As it currently stands there is only one halal restaurant and no halal grocers with a fifty miles radius which covers and area of more than 5,000 square miles. Just in the valley alone there is 50,000 people in Palm Springs, and about over 500,000 in the approximate fourteen towns in the valley. Even if only .5% are muslim you are talking about nearly 3,000 muslims.

Right now I am seeking support of the greeter muslim community to help get this masjid project developed and built. If you are interested please email at
pigeonyolk (at) aol.com.

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