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Mirage Custom Pools is a award winning pool and spa builder throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex Mirage has been a family owned business for close to a decade and have had family in the business since the late 1950’s. Here is a little company history on the company.
In about spring of 1956 Bob Hauk at the age of 16 parents was building a new home at #51 Frederick lane, in St. Louis Mo. At this time the family business was farm equipment and were distributors for Clayton & Lambert grain storage bins. Bob wanted a pool in their new house and along with his Dad George Hauk had the idea of digging a hole, Bob proceeded to dig a hole with his 9N Ford tractor and He and a friend erected a steel ring consisting of grain bin sheets and then poured a concrete bottom, the first pool was a 24′ circle 2’6″ to 5′ deep, a old hot water tank was used for a gravel filter along with a Jacuzzi 1hp pump, Jacuzzi was not in the pool pump business at this time and this was the first use of a Jacuzzi pump on a pool. The pool was done for the 4th of July and a pool party was planed. Bobs friends were excited because at this time the closest public pool was over 10 miles away and in the summer was over crowed. George Hauk invited all his friends over, that same weekend, the interest was so great Circle Pools a division of Hauk Farm-O-Mation was formed and the first display pool was erected at the farm equipment office on 13240 Manchester rd. in Ballwin, MO. in early 1957. That first year Bob sold and erected about 12 pools. The pool company is still in business at the same location today and goes by the name of Baker Pools. Tom Baker was a partner of George Hauks in the original Farm equipment business and was instrumental on later developments of the pool line. The first above ground vinyl liner was also pioneered by George and Bob Hauk. Later Clayton & Lambert took the concept nationwide and is still sold largely in the harsh northern climates many have copied the above ground vinyl liner concept. Those first years only round pools were sold and erected 24′ was sold for 95 and 30′ pool was sold for 95 this include a ladder, one suction and return along with a 3′ gray concrete deck. Later straight sidewalls were added as were figure 8’s using an 18′ and a 30′ circle. Later years Clayton & Labbert developed many designs using the same concept that George and Bob Hauk first used in that summer of 1956.
The first 24 and 30′ pool pictures are shown in Mirage Custom pools show rooms today. David, Tom and Jeff Hauk are continuing to carry on the innovative design, quality and value that the original Circle pool did in 1956.

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Call Us Today: 727-228-3350
Call Us Today: 727-228-3350
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