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Water damage is a terrible thing to go through; however, it helps to know that Plumbers FL Services will be there quickly and efficiently when needed. Christian and Carlos make a great team. They are friendly, polite, and hard working. They are a credit to the Plumbers FL, and I’m glad they were here to help me. Thank you Christian and Carlos and the Plumbers FL crew. I always call Plumbers FL, and recommend their services to neighbors and friends. Thank you.


We have used Plumbers Florida many times in the past. The technicians are always pleasant, professional and do outstanding work. Our last experience was with William who went above and beyond our expectations. His communication skills and advise were spot on. As well as just a really, really nice man!!!

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Broward County, Florida surveillance camera

You can see some pictures of the trailer. http://www.propowerwash.com/board/upload/showthread.php?t=20742
Here anybody can download the raw files and the player for them. The quality is much better and smoother. http://foxcpm.com/stolen-trailer/
The converted (lower quality video) uploaded in Youtube

First of all this is a great lesson for me and a gold advice to all fellow contractors:
Keep your expensive equipment inside secured place.

Thieves (especially in filthy Broward county and Pembroke Park Commercial Warehouse) are all over the place looking all day long for targets like mine and yours.

This was a 4×8 trailer with Hydrotek 5.5GPM Hot Water Machine, 100gal tank in front, 3 reels in back: 2 stackable black ones with 200′ high pressure hose (blue), 200′ water supply hose and another stainless steel Titan reel with ½ 300′ braided hose. In the middle, I had a Fatboy pump and a 15gal tank with chemical. That was an old trailer with a spare tire on the left. The new items on it were the machine (2009 and the Titan/Fatboy pump, 2009)
The serials for the machine are:
Model: SS35006VG
Serial: 200901380
Engine 21HP Vanguard: 02668899
I’ve done some modifications on the machine, so if someone sees a similar unit let me know and I will tell you exactly where my signature is on it.

The trailer was stolen around 5pm on 10/04/2010. The date on the following surveillance video is ahead with about a day and one hour.
The theft happened in Pembroke Park Warehouse at Pembroke Park, Broward County, Florida.
Right across my bay, there is a gun range and during the day there is a lot of traffic going on.
Security of the facility comes at 9pm and locks all entrances except one where they stay.

I strongly believe that this was premeditated crime, because these guys knew exactly when there were not too many people in front as usual, they had a rental truck, and by the video it looked they knew exactly what they were coming for.
The trailer was locked with a padlock, so they either broke it earlier or they hooked the trailer on top of the padlock and dragged it someplace else.
I have two surveillance video segments, each 15 minutes from the gun range store showing pretty clearly what happened. The two males came to the facility, passed by, came back, parked nearby and when they had a good moment they confidently hooked the trailer and left.
Unfortunately I was not able to identify the tag plate or any number on the pickup truck. I read that these videos can be enhanced pretty well, but I don’t have the ability to do that.
The raw video format is DAV file.
I am uploading the two raw files and also a player which can play that format. I also converted the file to AVI and uploaded it to YouTube, but the quality gets a lot worse after the conversion.

This was the original thread where you can see some pictures of the trailer. CLICK HERE
Here anybody can download the raw files and the player for them. The quality is much better and smoother. CLICK HERE.
The converted (lower quality video) uploaded in Youtube HERE.

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