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TIME LAPSE photography showing how to install a sprinkler system.

What is a backflow preventer?:

How to install a backflow preventer:

How to connect PVC and galvanized steel:

How to install sprinkler heads:

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1. Design a sprinkler system. Each sprinkler manufacturer has manuals showing maximum sprinklers per zone, water pressure requirements, and valve type combinations. Make sure the design makes each sprinkler head the same distance from the water source as opposed to having 4 sprinkler heads in series receiving water at different lengths.

Rainbird irrigation manual:

2. Use a trench digger. DO NOT DIG OVER utility lines as shown in the video. The water line is 36″ below ground and the gas line is about 30″. Hand dig these areas with a shovel to avoid hitting the utility lines. Dig 2 – 4 inches more than the desired depth. Thus, allowing loose dirt to remain in the trench and no further manual labor is required to remove the loose dirt at the bottom.
3. Lay out pvc pipes, prime, and glue. Install automatic drain valves at low spots, near sprinkler heads, and control valves. Use rock as a base for proper drainage. In substitution for installing automatic drain valves you can install a blow out valve at the backflow preventer location. In the process for winterization you blow the water out in the system with compressed air.
4. Use flexible swing arm risers for sprinklers heads. This allows easy install and adjustment to the sprinkler head.
5. Install T-connection to main supply line then install a stop and waste valve. The stop and waste valve allows water to drain when you shut off the sprinkler system. Install a backflow preventer to avoid water siphoning (potentially allows sickness and death via water taps in home if not installed). Use unions to allow for easy removal and replacement if damaged (lock with a cage or chains to prevent theft).
6. Install control valves, label zones, run control wires to sprinkler timer.
7. Connect sprinkler timer to power, run water sensor to sprinkler timer, and set each zone for the water times.
8. Test the sprinkler line making sure there are no leaks!
9. Back fill the trenches and compact. Use abs pipe for access to the stop and waste valve to shut off the sprinkler system in the winter.
10. Reseed and cover with nutrient rich soil.

Tip: If installing curbside lawn sprinklers, use a chain link fence TOP RAIL and a sledge hammer to dig a hole under the sidewalk for a pvc pipe to run through to the other side. Place tapered end in first when pushing through dirt.

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