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What do you think? Should the City of Oxnard change the zoning to shut down the power plant? Do you believe that the power plant is polluting the area? Or should the power plant owner GenOn’s bring the power plant up to state standards?

Local environmentalists are still fighting to have this power plant that is located at Ormond Beach in Oxnard, CA. shut down. The power plant is located next to sensitive wetlands and relies on ocean water for cooling.

One study that was done says the 19 coastal power plants use more than 15 billion gallons of seawater a day and kills most of the fish and that marine life are sucked into their systems. Local surfers also know that the water is warmer around the area and it is a nursery for sharks.

Another point that is raised by local conservation chairman Trevor Smith of the Las Padres Chapter of the Sierra Club is that the plant operates only at about 10 percent of capacity, is inefficient and polluting. Some estimate it would cost .5 billion to bring it up to standards.

The power plant owner GenOn’s have not decided on what to do next. GenOn’s claims that the power plant is not a polluting facility.

The plants employs more than 125 people and injects million into the local economy.

Tony Cordero, director of external affairs for GenOn’s California operations wrote a letter that was given to the City of Oxnard stating: “Should the city take action that leads to the premature shutdown of these generating stations, Oxnard and the surrounding areas would have to rely almost exclusively on electricity generated some distance away and transmitted over transmission facilities that can be disrupted by various factors, leaving the area without sufficient electricity for its homes and businesses,”

“Such a shutdown may also require that new plants be built in Oxnard or elsewhere in Ventura and/or Santa Barbara counties in order to meet the electrical needs of the city and the region.”

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