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Watch this video to figure out whether your water softener is working properly or not.

Hi. My name is Jeremy Link, Service Manager for Superior Water and Air, Utah’s water treatment leader.

Today we’re going to talk about water softeners and whether yours is working right or not.

To begin, there are a few things that you can look for in your home that will tell you whether your softener is working properly or not.

First and foremost are the dishes. If your dishes are coming out spotty, your softener is probably not working right. If your shower doors are getting slight build-up on them, perhaps your softener is not working right or a sure telltale sign for me is my girls, when they tell me their hair isn’t combing out properly. That’s usually a dead giveaway for me to know when my softener is running a little bit low on salt perhaps. So here is a quick way of helping you diagnose what’s going on.

OK. The first thing I like to do when I’m entering the home or into the mechanical room is looking at the bypass. Several different softeners have different styles of bypasses. You may have an all ball valve bypass. You may have a plastic bypass with a slide assembly.

When your system is in service, all of your handles will be pointing at 12 or 6. If it has been bypassed, all of your handles will be turned to 3 or 9. That way the water comes in and back out into the home without ever entering the softener. That may be why your softener is not working properly.

If all of your handles are 12 or 6 and all in service and we’re still not getting soft water, something else may be the culprit. If you look at any of these bypasses that are plastic, it will actually tell you which direction to slide the slide to tell you whether it’s in service or bypass. This is a simple just push-pull system.

The second thing I like to check is the power of the assembly. We’ve got to make sure that it’s getting power, so it will know when to regenerate, do everything that’s necessary to create regeneration.

On some of the older mechanical valves, the only way to find out whether they’ve got power is either to use your vault meter or to find out. I just put my ear up to it and I can usually hear that timer motor moving.

If it’s keeping the time of day, it should be regenerating. Quick easy way to identify whether it’s regenerating at the right time of day or not is to check the time of day. If you press your clock button, typically that’s what will come up as the hours and then if you press it again, it’s the minutes.

Once you finalize what time of day it is, it should always regenerate in the middle of the night when nobody is using water.

This is the third thing that I like to check is the brine tank or the salt tank. At any given time, if it has got more than half full of water, then you may have an issue with your softener. If it’s completely full of salt, all you’ve got to do is lift the brine well lid, slide it to the side and shine a flashlight down into this well.

If you think that it has got more than 50 percent of the water inside there, then we need to come out and take a look at it for you.

So, if any of these aspects have become a concern to you or if your water is just not feeling right, feel free to give us a call at Superior Water and Air. We will be happy to come out and give you a free 21-point inspection.

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